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My World


KS2 whole school programme

My World consists of 60 + units for pupils age 8 – 11.

This scheme of work, in both CD and hard copy formats, includes a full module on Transition to KS3, comprehensive teachers’ notes and an image bank.

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Product Description

My World is designed to take pupils step by step through the journey of understanding themselves, appreciating others and enabling them to have the confidence to make their own life choices. It also increases self-esteem and gives children the opportunity to celebrate their own uniqueness.

The vital transition from primary school to secondary school, a major concern for many teachers, pupils and families, is directly addressed in My World.

My World consists of:

  • Over 60 units with teacher’s notes and student activities
  • A wide variety of activities to suit every learning style
  • CD version for interactive whiteboards
  • Image bank
  • Teacher induction and ongoing evaluation available.

Price includes postage to mainland UK, please contact us for overseas purchases.

This ready-to-use scheme of work improves learning through:

It improves learning through:

  • effective communication
  • transforming relationships
  • building tolerance
  • problem solving
  • conflict resolution
  • being response-able
  • developing resilience and perseverance

“I enjoy using it. Just looking at the expressions on the children’s faces, you could just see the smiles spreading on their faces.”

“My World helps the children change the way they think about things such as friendship groups and talking behind one’s back. Pupils’ behaviour improves. The children feel more comfortable taking risks and consequently their learning improves.”
Angie Bull, Assistant Head

“I think Buddies is going really well and is helping me a lot.”
Year 6 pupil