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Schemes of Work

We’re teachers too. Before anything else, we want students to know and understand themselves and others. We know this gives them the confidence to cope with the challenges of life, and to be more ready to learn. And, with calmer, more motivated classrooms, life gets easier for us as well.

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My World


Emotional and Social Skills for Learning
at KS2

MY WORLD is a scheme of work tailored for Years 5 and 6. It directly addresses the transition from primary to secondary school. In comprehensive two year trials, MY WORLD has been shown to increase understanding, tolerance and thinking skills as well as improve friendships. Teachers report they enjoy using the material and see substantial benefits for themselves and their pupils.

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It's OK Being Me


Emotional and Social Skills for Learning
at KS3

This is a complete programme of work for Years 7, 8 and 9 which builds into a whole-school ethos. It eases the transition from primary to secondary school, building greater understanding and tolerance. The modules guide students through a continuous process, from understanding themselves and others, to working collaboratively and developing emotional wellbeing skills. It can be taught in 20-minute tutor times, full PSHE sessions or with other small groups – be creative!

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Discovering Me


Emotional and Social Skills for Learning for units outside mainstream education

Designed to improve behaviour and raise self-esteem, the programme can be used with mixed age and ability groups. Flexible and modular, it comes with a full facilitator’s guide and teaching notes.

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KS3 Insight series

This series of five stand-alone programmes helps students to explore key issues and deepens their understanding of themselves and each other. Each consists of 4- 6 activities. Flexible and adaptable, they can be used to resolve specific issues, and/or  fit into existing PSHE or tutor programmes.

Insight 1 – Managing emotions
Insight 2 – Bullying
Insight 3 – Communication
Insight 4 – Peer pressure
Insight 5 – Family break-up

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Empowering Me

KS4 – Empowering Me

A ready-to-use series of 10 PowerPoint presentations covering all 5 domains of Emotional Literacy. Give your KS4 cohort a boost to their emotional wellbeing skills!

CD in a hard case including brief notes.

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