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Are you a TA or an HLTA?

Emotional Wellbeing of Students

Has your school asked you and your colleagues to take responsibility for developing or addressing the emotional wellbeing of students?



This is now recognised as a key aspect of education and vital to the process of growing up to be a responsible, happy and contributing member of society. You have an individual connection with students and a unique overview. You are the perfect person for the job!

If you or your school are looking for a systematic, profound and ready-to-use programme for building emotional literacy, look no further!

We have the KS2, KS3 and KS4 schemes of work and the Inset training to improve behaviour and learning within the whole school.

As Stephen Petty, Head of Humanities at Lord Williams School, Thame, wrote in praise of the “TA tribe” in the TES.

We also need worldly-wise TAs to offer us and our children warmth, calmness, humour and a sense of perspective in this data-driven world. So I thank you, noble Masai. Long may you work your miracles.

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