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Do you work in a PRU or SEBD school?

Self Awareness Training

Working in a PRU or SEBD, you are aware of the challenges of helping young people to manage their behaviour and motivating them to learn.



It is well documented that we all need to be emotionally engaged before we are ready to learn. But when strong negative emotions kick in, they completely override the learning process.

Developing emotional literacy is key in enabling these young people to get back on track in their lives and make the most of their skills and opportunities.

PRUs and SEBD schools report that VisionWorks’ DISCOVERING ME provides both staff and students with the tools to transform their behaviour, their experience of education, and therefore their lives. Springfields School in Wiltshire has been using the programme in a unit working with students who are at risk of exclusion from local schools:

This is an excellent provision and is the sort of valuable outreach which separates an outstanding school from a good one. It makes a very strong contribution to the school’s specialism in Inclusion and has a positive impact on reducing exclusion and improving behaviour and engagement in local schools.
Vanessa Ward, OFSTED Inspector, April 2011

In a systematic and profound programme of over 90 activities, students learn self-awareness, empathy, communication, behaviour management, so they can make better choices. They are equipped to choose a future that can be different from their past.

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