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Who We Are

VisionWorks for Schools is a not-for-profit organisation committed to developing simple, practical methods to use Emotional Intelligence principles in ways that will most benefit students, teachers and schools.

Our teaching and training model is highly effective and has been used successfully worldwide for more than 30 years. VisionWorks is made up of teachers, trainers and supporters all of whom share the same vision and the same desire to change lives through education.

Sue Allen

Sue Allen was Head of History and Head of Year 12 at The Corsham School, Wiltshire, until she joined VisionWorks full time in 2001. Since then she has co-developed the VisionWorks programmes which have been used successfully in schools all over the UK for the last six years. She has developed a complete understanding of the principles of Emotional Intelligence and their importance as a life skill. Sue also teaches emotional intelligence to adults from individuals to seminars of up to 100 participants.

She is co-author of the VisionWorks programmes.

Janet Grant

Janet Grant has taught in both primary and secondary schools. Her career has taken her from Spitalfields in London to Melbourne, Australia and back to Wiltshire where she has been a Year Learning Manager in two large comprehensive schools for over 20 years. The combination of working in education and being a parent led to her interest in how people grow and develop; hence her enthusiasm for Emotional Intelligence. She has come to know that self-confident, emotionally intelligent students consistently achieve more academically. Inspired by Daniel Goleman, she began to experiment with proactively teaching Emotional Wellbeing. Consequently she is now a co-author of VisionWorks for schools, developing the teaching of Emotional Intelligence and training teachers to implement it.