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Case Studies

 Springfields School, Wiltshire

Trystan Williams’s determination to improve behaviour amongst the students at Springfields led to the introduction of VisionWorks in January 2007. In November 2007 Ofsted rated the school as Outstanding and cited their Emotional Intelligence teaching and learning (VisionWorks) as a key element in this achievement.

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Springfields Emotional Literacy Centre

In July 2009 students, parents and teachers celebrated the results of the first year of a pioneering project at Springfields School in Calne, Wiltshire in partnership with VisionWorks.

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Serlby Park School, Doncaster

At this 3-18 community comprehensive, KS3 students are in their third year of enjoying It’s OK Being Me. They began implementing the material for Y7 only, and this group is finishing the course in Y9 in 2011. Now well established in the school, each new Y7 cohort starts the programme and continues to completion in Y9.

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University of Manchester

In November 2010 a team at the University of Manchester reported their findings – teaching SEAL in schools doesn’t make any difference. Or at least, that’s what the media would have us believe. Closer reading of the report reveals that the teaching of Emotional Literacy is as dependent on the school and the teachers as it is on the content.

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Henbury School, Bristol

This inner city comprehensive introduced VisionWorks for Y7 in January 2008, and will roll it out for Y8 and Y9 in the next two years. It’s OK Being Me is taught during 20 minute tutor registration periods once or twice a week. At a regular feedback session, students reported that the programme helped them to get to know each other better, and that they ‘enjoy the calm after manic lunch times’.

University of Sussex

Research by Robin Banerjee at the University of Sussex has found a link between work to ensure staff and pupils experience positive relationships and improvements in their attainment.

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St Benedict’s School, London

An independent secondary day school which is affiliated to the Catholic church, St. Benedict’s started using the programme in 2008 with the new Y7 intake. The schools sees It’s OK Being Me as supporting the ethics and ethos they are promoting, and realizes that regular input throughout KS3 will pay dividends in KS4.

The Corsham School, Wiltshire

VisionWorks has been trialled at The Corsham School since 2002. One of several initiatives to raise standards of pupil welfare and academic performance, VisionWorks is recognised as a vital element in its success. Students have received one 20-minute VisionWorks session per week.

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