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Oakhill Primary School, London

At Oakhill Primary School in London, My World is taught with Yr 6. Assistant Headteacher Angie Bull sets aside half an hour a week during PSHE lessons to focus on the activities. She reports that pupils look forward to the lessons and are starting to be more considerate towards one another. They are starting to acknowledge that when someone is grumpy or ignoring them it isn’t necessarily their fault and that the other person may be pre-occupied for a different reason.

We are in the process of encouraging the children to ask questions of each other not just make assumptions. I enjoy using the programme and use some of its content when advising other teachers on behaviour strategies. The Transition module was particularly useful for Y6 pupils preparing for secondary school when I used it last term and I will indeed use it again with my current class.

My World was also successfully used in my previous school. We had three form entry and all three class teachers felt it made a considerable difference to the way children coped. It was particularly good at showing how bullies felt.