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Springfields School, Wiltshire

Ofsted has graded my school as Outstanding and one contributory factor towards this is the use of this wonderful EI programme. Our pupils are showing real empathy and tolerance towards each other for the first time. Trystan Williams, Headteacher

Trystan Williams’s determination to improve behaviour amongst the students at Springfields led to the introduction of VisionWorks in January 2007. In November 2007 Ofsted rated the school as Outstanding and cited their Emotional Intelligence teaching and learning (VisionWorks) as a key element in this achievement.

On the 2 year path to ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, Springfields School put in place 3 changes:

  • One-third turnover of staff to encourage greater emotional intelligence
  • Restructured curriculum to increase emphasis on core curriculum subjects and introduced a day a week for students to be taught outside the classroom at Cotswold Water Park, plus a 1pm finish on Friday.
  • Delivery of a formal emotional intelligence programme, facilitated by care staff in 45 minutes sessions every week.


  1. Within the first year physical intervention was reduced by 84%. Calm talk, distraction and more emotionally intelligent methods of dealing with behaviour are used.
  2. Over 2 years attendance improved to 98%. Students are treated courteously; they want to come to school.
  3. Rate of exclusions was the highest in the county; today there are none.
  4. Average number of students who fail to reach the target of 75% for good behaviour and learning has dropped from 12 per week to 2 per week.

Students report they:

  • Are better able to tolerate, help and support each other
  • Feel safe to share their feelings and experiences
  • Are more aware of how other people are feeling
  • Can cope with their feelings better
  • Have enjoyed using their imagination and creativity in a group.


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