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In Care, In School


‘In Care, In School’ is a ready-to-use learning resource for teachers and pupils to help school communities understand what it means to be in care and at school.

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This pack was devised by the In Care Council, based on their own experiences and brought to life by a film company, with professional and child actors. It was developed by young people in care, and care leavers, through the Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) In Care Council, supported by the local authority, Bath Spa University, VisionWorks for Schools, ASDAN, Buttle UK, the PSHE Association, The Who Cares? Trust, The National Union of Teachers and a range of other local and national partners.

In Care, In School consists of:

  • 10 x 2-minute scenarios, 5 primary and 5 secondary
  • Lesson plans for each scenario
  • Two generic lessons on ‘What is a family’ and ‘Being in care’, which have been trialled in a range of schools
  • Three 4-minute films of care leavers talking about their experience of school, post 16 planning and what they are doing now.

  • Primary and secondary materials can be accredited through ASDAN personal development programmes
  • Staff training and support section provides background information, contact lists and an outline training plan for teachers
  • Available as a DVD
  • Breaks down barriers and myths associated with being in care
  • Develops empathy in the classroom
  • Builds tolerance
  • Transforms relationships.

“This pack is to help (not tell) teachers and pupils to understand, from a young person’s point of view, what it is like being in foster care and having an education. I hope teachers can take a step back and start thinking about the young person’s needs and feelings. I hope pupils will get a better understanding of something they might not fully understand. Overall, I would like my experiences to make a change within the schools, and to make people more aware about people in foster care.”
Naina Thomas, Bath and North East Somerset In Care Council

“Even though we created these scenarios I still find it hard to watch them – it’s my life we’re talking about.”
Kelvin Thomas, Bath and North East Somerset In Care Council

“This lesson changed the way I feel about children in care.”
Primary school pupil