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KS3 whole school programme

It’s OK Being Me is a ready-to-use complete scheme of work of varied activities. This programme builds to a complete understanding of emotional intelligence. It has been used to help move schools from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’.

Please contact us on 01249 409001 if you encounter any problems downloading.

Serlby Park School, Doncaster 3-18 community comprehensive began implementing It’s OK Being Me for Y7. Now well established in the school, each new Y7 cohort starts the programme and continues to completion in Y9.

“A high percentage of students report that doing VisionWorks has helped them with their behaviour. Staff like the programme because they can pick it up and go with it.

VisionWorks is part of a whole package which schools can use to improve behaviour and learning.”
– Mairi Murray, PSHRE co-ordinator



This is a complete KS3 scheme of work. It eases the transition from primary to secondary school, creates more bonded tutor groups and builds greater understanding and tolerance. The programme takes students through a complete process, from understanding themselves and others, to goal-setting and choosing positive future directions.

Included in this download:

  • Over 80 units with full teaching notes and a wide variety of student  activities
  • Full teacher’s guide for facilitating groups
  • Unlimited licence for use of the material in your school
  • Image bank
  • Appendix with photocopiable handouts.

We highly recommend:

  • Yearly induction training for tutors/teachers
  • Full evaluation and reporting with students and teachers.

For more information on the training click here, or contact Alex on 01249 409001 or [email protected]

Student will learn:

  • To empathise
  • To make a positive contribution
  • To consider social and moral dilemmas and resist pressure to do wrong
  • To deal positively with the strength of their feelings in different situations
  • To enjoy positive and constructive relationships
  • To participate in teams
  • To take responsibility for themselves and their learning
  • To recognise when others need help and how to support them
  • To communicate confidently with their peers and adults
  • To be able to give and receive constructive feedback and praise.

Schools will benefit by:

  • Creating more cohesive, considerate and caring year groups
  • Providing CPD for teachers in emotional health and wellbeing
  • Providing valuable evidence for pupil wellbeing for OFSTED.

“Our recent Ofsted report graded us Outstanding and we believe that the VisionWorks programme has made a significant contribution to the emotional and social well-being of the students.”
Martin Williams, Head teacher

“This has the potential to bring significant benefits for your pupils and your school community, and to fit conveniently and constructively into existing spaces in your school day.”
Graham Paton, Wiltshire PSHE Co-ordinator

“VisionWorks is a teacher’s dream – easy to use, improves results, improves behaviour, what more can you ask for? This kind of material is what makes me stay in teaching.”
Francis Gilbert, author of I’m a Teacher, Get Me Out of Here and The New School Rules

“VisionWorks makes me feel that I’m normal compared with everyone else because I usually think I’m an outsider but I feel like I’ve got more friends now.”
Alice, Year 7